Training modules developed by our qualified staff adapted to suit the specific needs of our clients at every moment, these being the following:

    • Management and Development of training plans
    • Implementation and imparting of leadership training, teamwork, people management, coaching, human resources and labor law, occupational risk prevention, etc.

Tundra Capital participates in educational programs (universities, schools, etc..), engaged in the training of new professionals. We also Develop training programs for companies adapted to meet their specific needs.Training modules we impart:

      • Professional Orientation
      • Career Possibilities
      • Labour Management
      • People management
      • Interviews and Staff selection
      • Training Plan
      • Communication skills
      • Nonverbal Communication
      • Accounting plan for the Hotel sector (Usuali)
      • Occupational risk prevention (PRL)
      • Collective bargaining
      • Motivation and positive attitude
      • Coaching
      • Sustainability of the Tourism Sector
      • Selection and interviews of staff
      • Training Plan
      • Comercial and customer management
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